no such thing

est. 2021

Making moves

At bad influence we like to focus on effortless style that can be incorporated to your everyday wardrobe.We want to create a community of risk takers and leaders who can implement change in a radical way 

BAD INFLUENCE- NO SUCH THING can be interpreted in many ways. It is never limited by societal constructs; the brand’s inclusivity and the diversity of our clients continues to shape how we evolve our brand. 

Representation matters, Bad influence was created with the mindset of individuals who are not defined by labels. The future is, and will always be; focused on the celebration of the freedom of choices made by individuals. 

how it all started

In the vibrant tapestry of entrepreneurship, my journey into the world of streetwear began with an ignited spark of passion and an unwavering vision. Guided by an insatiable love for urban culture and an acute sense of style, I embarked on this creative odyssey. It all commenced with countless hours of sketching and brainstorming, translating abstract ideas into tangible designs that resonated with the zeitgeist of the streets. Fueled by a desire to offer something distinctive, I painstakingly curated fabrics that mirrored the essence of authenticity and comfort. From humble beginnings, I meticulously transformed these sketches into tangible garments, each piece infused with my commitment to quality and an unspoken narrative that spoke to the streets.

As the dawn of my streetwear brand approached, I navigated the digital landscape, crafting an online presence that mirrored the ethos of my creations. Social media platforms became my canvas, where I showcased my designs through captivating visuals and engaging stories that tapped into the pulse of my target audience. It wasn't merely about selling clothes; it was about cultivating a community—a culture that resonated with those who shared a passion for self-expression and urban flair.

Through persistent hustle and strategic networking, my brand gained traction. Collaborations with local artists and influencers breathed life into my designs, infusing them with a dynamic energy that transcended the garments themselves. Pop-up shops and local events became my stomping ground, where I connected face-to-face with individuals who donned my creations, each piece a testament to the shared journey we embarked upon. From that initial spark to this very moment, my streetwear business thrives as a testament to the confluence of vision, dedication, and the unyielding spirit of urban innovation.


As a tribute to the city that birthed it, the "Vision" Collection also celebrates local artists, collaborating with visionaries who've left their mark on Vancouver's creative landscape. These limited-edition pieces reflect the city's ever-evolving identity, reminding us that true innovation arises from embracing the past while forging ahead.

Incorporating the city's coastal charm and urban allure, the "Vision" Collection captures the essence of Vancouver's heart and soul. It's not just clothing; it's a tangible representation of the city's dreams and aspirations, a collective vision brought to life through fabric and design. Welcome to a collection where streetwear meets artistry, and where Vancouver's spirit resonates in every stitch and detail.